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Flexible Metal hose

Platinflex is a leading manufacturer of corrugated metal hose and braid products. Founded in 2010,

Platinflex has been a pioneer from the very beginning and continues today to be a leader in the design, and manufacture of flexible metal hose.

The Stainless steel corrugated flexible metal hose is especially designed to achieve several objectives in pipe work design. These include, absorption or vibration, operate under vacuum, handle temperature extremes, suppress rigid pipe noise transmitted, accommodate reciprocating and flexing movement, operate effectively under high pressures and adjust or correct for misalignment.

Our offers one of the most extensive lines of metal hose products to meet a wide range of design requirements. PLATİNFLEX brand metal hoses are mechanically or mechanical-formed, stainless steel and meet flexibility and cycle life requirements.

Why flexible metal hoses should be used?

  • Resistant to low and/or high temperature.
  • Also in vacuum applications, it provides maximum impermeability security with high pressured gases.
  • No evidence of wear is seen on the application despite the affects of ozone or other climate conditions.
  • Thanks to its metal material, it is highly secure.
  • Its bigger inside diameter allows carrying out short-timed pressured applications.
  • Thanks to previously manufactured elements, it provides savings in assembly expenses when compared with fied lines.
  • It has perfect chemical durability also in high temperature.
  • It prevents vibration and stretches in the connections.

Why Flexibility?

The flexibility of the corrugated metal hose is the result of the bending of the metal corrugations. Service life varies depending upon the severity of the flexing, temperature, corrosive conditions, pressure and vibration to which the hose is subjected. Unless restrained, corrugated metal hose will elongate when subjected to increased internal pressure. Restraint is provided by a braided covering, consisting of a tubular sheath of woven metal wires fitted tightly over the corrugated metal hose and secured at each end. Bending and flexibility of the corrugated metal hose is not appreciably affected by the wire braid covering.