The PLATINFLEX stainless steel hose and the PLATINFLEX mounting bracket are particularly suited for use in suspended ceiling applications making the installation quick and easy saving time and labor. The PLATINFLEX hose and mounting bracket can also be attached to studs and installed in gypsum board ceiling systems.

Each PLATINFLEX drop assembly comes with one stainless steel flexible hose (braided), one branch line connection nipple, one sprinkler reducing nipple and the mounting bracket system. The PLATINFLEX hose is offered in lengths from 500mm – 2000mm with reducing fittings for 1/2″ or 3/4″ sprinkler heads.

Description About Fire Sprinkler Hoses –

The sprinkler mounting systems designed with high quality stainless-steel hoses by Platinflex are flexible and allows the sprinkler to install in any position within the circular area around the length of the hose.

Fire Sprinkler Hoses and installation

These hoses and installation kits used to connect between sprinklers and fire pipelines. So, with its flexible structure, they absorb seismic movements, and can minimize labor time.

These hoses used in Sprinkler systems to extinguish a fire. Also, these hoses used to spray water to the blaze automatically and prevent the fire from spreading. These systems also installed on the ceiling for a more effective coverage. Therefore, we easily install Platinflex sprinkler installation kits.


    • Hose: AISI 316L Stainless steel
    • Braid: AISI 304 Stainless steel
    • Fittings: Carbon steel- Stainless steel


    • Side of main pipe line: Nipple
    • Side of sprinkler: Threaded special parts for sprinklers
    • Fixing parts: Carbon Steel
    • Hose diameter: DN25 (1”)

Working Pressure: Up to 16 Bars

Bending Radius: Min. 200mm

Application Area: All kind of buildings

fire sprinkler hose
fire sprinkler hose